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Things to See and Do in the area.

The Riviera Maya has so many fun things to see and do, you'd have to visit many times in order to do them all!  Here are some of our favorites to get you started...

Cenotes and Caves - the Riviera Maya is famous for its beautiful cenotes (fresh water sinkholes) and caves. Our limestone ground has been shaped over millions of years by rising and falling ocean levels an underground rivers, to become home to some of the longest and most beautiful cave and cavern systems in the world!  

Snorkeling and Diving - This is the home of the Meso America Great Barrier Reef, whish is the second largest barrier reef in the world!  It runs right along out coast giving us fantastic tropical reef snorkeling and diving!  Our favorite fresh water alternative is, of course, the cenotes and caves with their beautiful formations and unique ecosystem. 

Fishing - whether it be deep sea fishing, of fly fishing, there is plenty to catch in our waters pretty much all year round!  

Golf - From the PGA Tour course at Mayakoba, to the newest Roberto Trent Jones Junior 27 hole course in Akumal, experience some of the best golf courses in the whole of Mexico right here in the Riviera Maya!  

Mayan Ruins - Some of the man-made wonders of the world can be found on our peninsula!  Wonder at the incredible cities built by the Maya and find out why they were all abandoned!  How did they move all of those rocks without the invention of the wheel?  Why did they build long straight white roads when they did not have vehicles, carts, or even horses?  How did they become such incredible astronomers without telescopes? Journey back to the land of the ancient Maya and find answers to these questions and more...

Tours and Sightseeing - Whether you go with a group, a private guide, or make your own adventure; seeing the local area is a must!  The rich and diverse culture of the ancient and modern Maya are here for you to explore, along with the history of the Spanish conquistadors, shipwrecks, and real Caribbean pirates!

Family Friendly Activities - Have a family vacation to remember! The Riviera Maya has something for all kids, big and small.  Check out some of our tried and tested family activities here

Shopping - Fabulous colorful artisans, 925 silver, and beautiful amber are all specialties of the area! Add these to the gorgeous one of a kind clothing and gift boutiques, and modern fashion districts, for a shopping spree that will satisfy even the most dedicated of spenders!

Restaurants - Did you know that Mexican cuisine has been classed by UNESCO as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage to Humanity"?  Forget Paris, this is one of the worlds gourmet centers!  Each area of Mexico has its own flavors and styles, and the local Yucatecan food of this region is something that will delight and surprise you!  Due to its international population, the Riviera Maya is actually packed with fabulous eateries from all over the world!  Here are some from our local area.

Nighlife - Although the Akumal area retains its quite, laid back vibe into the evenings, the party continues close by in the busting towns of Playa del Carmen and Tulum!  

Other adventures and Activities  - Just when you thought that your holiday will be packed with all of the above, we still have so much more for you to try, including horse-riding on the beach, kite surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, yoga, tennis, water parks, and many more eco-adventures of all kinds!