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Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2012

Photograph by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic

Kenny Broa, Cave Diver 

Must-Do Trip: Dive Caves in the Yucatan

Caves are the sunken pirate treasure of diving. They hide untold underwater secrets—wild stalactites and stalagmites, fossils, and otherworldly light shows. They also hold untold dangers, from tight squeezes to maze-like passageways.

“Firstly, never go into an underwater cave—no matter how experienced a diver you are—without the proper training and equipment,” says Broad. “That said, an adventure in and of itself is to get cave dive certified. I recommend North Florida, the Bahamas, or the Yucatán for training.”

On the Yucatán Peninsula, Puerto Aventuras-based school DIR Mexico offers four-day cave-diving fundamentals courses in which students learn buoyancy, propulsion techniques in delicate environments, and underwater communications, among many other safe-diving techniques. The classroom includes some of the hundreds of miles of subterranean limestone passageways that form the cenotes of the Yucatán, once considered sacred among the Maya. It’s easy to understand why when exploring these wild rock formations where, if you’re lucky, you might spot a halocline, a mixing of saltwater and freshwater that resembles a mysterious, otherworldly cloud. Sacred, indeed.  

DIR Mexico’s fundamentals course costs $1,500. The instructors also offer private guiding for certified divers.

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