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24 Apr 2017
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The southern Quintana Roo region offers the opportunity to visit one of the most impressive Maya cities in the Rio Bec region, "place of the red corn" the archaeological zone of Chacchoben. Chacchoben is the most important settlement to date in the Lake District, whose occupation began 300 BC with small villages around the permanent bodies of fresh water of the region. Constructed in its beginning in the Peten style, grown continued for 500 years when Chaachoben developed the architectural style of Rio Bec and the ornate Chenes decoration. 

Traveling south of Tulum two hours Chacchoben is located near the town of Limones to the west. The entrance to the site is located 5 kilometers NW of the town of Lázaro Cárdenas. Pedro Santos, the pineapple capital is the next town to the south.  Directional signs to reach the site are also located here.

We highly recommend hiring a licensed tour guide by SECTUR (Ministry of Tourism) authorized to escort visitors into the Mexican archaeological zones.  Please contact Pedro Poot to arrange a customized tour:

  • Services available in the area:

There is a service area run by the Chacchoben ejido, which includes bathrooms, tourist information, handicrafts, drinks and light food. 

  • Hours:

Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 17:00 hours (last access at 16:30 hrs.).

  • Cost of access:

General admission: 55 pesos. A 50 pesos Parking fee is additional.