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Sian Ka'an Day trip from Muyil

31 Mar 2017
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Sian Ka'an

Fifteen minutes south of Tulum on highway 307 enter the UNESCO Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve at Laguna Muyil taking the road just to the south of the archaeological zone of Muyil. One may enjoy a spectacular natural experience traveling  by boat crossing Laguna Muyil into ancient canals constructed by the Maya about 1000 years ago. This canal passes through different ecosystems, savannah, wetland, mangrove and tropical coastal forest providing habitat for diverse array of animals and bird species.  During the tour you will visit X'lapak (The watch on the lake) ruin that functioned as a customs house for canoes entering the great city of Muyil (Chunyaxche). 


We recommend hiring a local, licensed expert guide when visiting one of the most beautiful naturally protected areas of Mexico. Enjoy the serene surroundings as you float in your life jacket behind your boat along the 900-meter canal of fresh water.  The float takes approximately 45 minutes. After the float, the boat  then crosses into the estuary of Boca Paila for a possible manatee sighting.  The next stop you will visit one of the most incredible stretches of sand in the biosphere.  After returning to the Laugna Muyil dock at the end of  the tour, please also visit the community center of Muyil and the first tienda owned by the head boat Captain, Candido Caamal and family.   The community appreciates your interest in learning more about the great civilization of the Maya.

To arrange an outing to Sian Ka'an please contact Miguel Martinez, Namaste Transportation and Tours based in Akumal.