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Casa del Sol Cook Services Menu

Casa Del Sol Menu

Cook services are available for US$9 per person per meal.  The cost of groceries is additional.

Please order cook service one day in advance or the same day but in the first hour on the morning to the cheffand give money to the cheff to buy wherever he needs for the cook service that you did orderand he will charge his transportation to go to the market and when the chef is finish his service please tip him.

Por favor ordene su servicio de comidas con un día de anticipación. El dinero para la compra de ingredientes deberá ser pagado directamente con el chef junto con los gastos de transportación.  El costo no incluye propinas y son más que bienvenidas. 

Breakfast - Desayuno

All fruits and vegetables will be disinfected.

  • Scramble Eggs - Huevos a la Mexicana

Eggs served mexican-style with tomatoes, oion and green pepper. May be served with either toast or corn tortillas.

​​Huevos con tomates, cebolla y chile morron . Sirve con pan tostado o tortillas.

  • Fried Eggs ‘Rancheros’ - Huevos Rancheros    

Fried eggs with tortilla and red sauce. Served with refried beans.

Huevos fritos contortilla y salsa roja y frijoles refritos.

  • Omelet Eggs - Omelet de Huevo   

Cheese and ham  with eggs and served with refried beans.

Queso y jamon envueltos con huevosy servido con frijoles refritos.

  • Fried Eggs - Huevos Fritos

Served with refried beans.

Servido con frijoles refritos.

  • Pancake - Hot cake
  • French Toast - Tostada Francesa  
  • Chilaquiles       

Mexican dish with chips and tomato sauce.

Servido con totopos y salsa de tomate.

Cheese and ham with eggs. Served with refried beans.

Queso y jamon envuelto y servido con frijoles refritos.

  • Fruit Plate - Platos de frutas       

Fruta de la estacion.  Seasonal  fruit.

**All eggs dish will served with refried beans and mexican hot sauce (tomatos,oñion,cilantro and marinated in lime ) and served either with corn tortillasor bread.

**Todos los huevos seran servidos con frijoles refritos salsa mexicana (tomate,cebolla,cilantro y marinado con limon )y servido con tortllas de maiz o pan.


Snacks – Botana

All snacks served with tortilla chips.

Toda salsa es servido con totopos de maiz.

  • Mexican Sauce - Salsa Mexicana                 

Specify whether –picante ( hot ) or non picante (mild ).

  • Guacamole                              
  • Quesadillas 

A Mexican version of grilled cheese sandwich.

  • Green Salad - Ensalada Verde   

Lettuce, tomatoes, onion, carrot, cucumber, celery.

Lechuga,tomate,cebolla,zanahoria,pepino, apio.

  • Ceviche (Fish or shrimp or mixed - Pescado o camaron o mixto)

Marined with lime juice and tomato,onion and cilantro.

Marinado con jugo de limon, tomate, cebolla y cilantro.

  • Nachos                                                                                                   

Tortillas chips with refried beans, manchego cheese and Mexican sauce.

Totopos con frijoles refritos, queso manchego y salsa mexicana.


Soup- sopa

  • Vegetables and Chicken Soup - Sopa de verduras con pollo
  • Tortillas soup - Sopa de torillas               

Cooked with torillas chips,avocato,manchego cheese and chicken.

Servido con totopos, aguacate, queso manchego y pollo.

  • Lime Soup - Sopa de lima               

Cook with chicken,avocato,rice and tortillas chips.

Servido con pollo,aguacate,arroz y totopos.

  • Mayan Soup - Sopa Maya                   

Cooked with cream of black beans, avocato,manchego cheese,tortillas chips.

Cosinado con crema de frijoles negros, aguacate,queso manchegoy totopos.

  • Beff soup with vegetables - Sopa de res con verduras