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Getting Married in Mexico


Thinking of getting married in Mexico? Mexican destination weddings on the beach by the sparkling Caribbean Sea are becoming increasingly popular now-a-days! The Akumal area has been the picture perfect venue for many happy couples over the years. If you are planning to celebrate your nuptuals in Mexico, here are the details of some helpful and experienced people who will help you to organise your dream day.

VENUE: Looking for the perfect wedding backdrop? There are lots of beautiful venues where you can celebrate your big day, whether it be on the barefoot on the beach, one of the great public venues, or even in your own private luxury villa.  Feel free to contact us for ideas.

WEDDING PLANNER: Wedding planner extraordinaire is Jennifer Smith. She does almost all of the weddings in this area and her fame is spreading up and down the coast. She can help you with absolutely anything that you need and she does an amazing job! Her website is and you can contact her on Mx 984-875-9138/USA 949 226 8082 or email her.  

Another good choice is Leanne Marie WeddingsLeanne Rogers and Maju Ravera offer environmentally concious ideas, and comprehensive planning and organising for your wedding/event.

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: For wedding photography the guy you want to speak to is Scott Brown. He works really well with Jen Smith and does most of the wedding photography around here. You can email him on and check out his galleries HERE. 
There are some other good local photographers that we can recommend.  
  • Irena Basiura from Caribe Weddings is based in Tulum
  • Del Sol Photography are another popular choice.  Based in Playa del Carmen these guys have a team of photographers working for them.
For photography plus videography, Weddings in Akumal provide a good service.  John Davis has many years experience shooting Akumal weddings and does a really nice job.
SPA SERVICES: For spa services (many of the bridal groups like to have the pampering treatment the day before the wedding) there is a wonderful spa right here in Akumal. The owner is Lorinda Campbell and she can organize a fabulous afternoon of pampering, sipping champagne and eating fruit in her tropical and traquil spa. Contact Lorinda through her website
ACCOMODATION: There are plenty of great options to suit all wedding group sizes budgets here in the Akumal area!  Many of our beautiful villas will, upon arrangement, allow you to hold the ceremony and reception on the property which is a lovely and convenient option for many groups!  Other location favourites are on the beaches, at the Akumal Canons, and a reception at one of the great venues in the village.  
Take the stress out of finding accomodation for all of your guests and ask them to contact us directly telling us that they are part of your wedding group.  We can organise all of their accomodation needs and answer their questions so that you can get on with organising your dream day.

Following is a complete list of the current requirements for civil marriage within Mexico. We encourage you to double check requirements prior to departure in case of any changes.
  • Completed marriage application (obtain application from your wedding coordinator, or the offices of Registro Civil.
  • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate for both bride and groom
  • Original and copy of valid passport
  • Original and copy of tourist card (which you will receive upon entry into Mexico)
  • Complete blood tests and chest x-rays, along with physicians written certificate of health. Blood tests and x-rays should be performed in Mexico.
  • 4 Witness over the age of 18 with passport and tourist card. Must be present at ceremony.
  • Receipt of payment of fees to Registro Civil
  • Divorce or death certificate if applicable to earlier marriages. These must include Apostile certification.

Be sure and let us know you are planning a wedding. Many properties have event fees or limitations on use. We can help you find the right accommodations or setting for your event and ensure the staff will not be surprised when your guests arrive.

All documents must be submitted to the Registro Civil, or Offices of Civil Registry. For more information please feel free to contact us or your onsite wedding coordinator. These requirements apply to civil marriage. Civil marriages in Mexico are recognized as legal in the U.S. Anyone wishing for a religious ceremony may do so, but such ceremonies are not considered a legal form of union. According to international law, a marriage performed in Mexico is valid across all borders, unless the parties are deliberately evading restrictions imposed by their own national laws. Therefore, a Mexican marriage will be valid in the US provided there are no  US impediments.

Only an officer of the Registro Civil (the Mexican equivalent of the Registrar General's Office) can legally perform a marriage ceremony.

A religious wedding may be performed after presenting proof of a civil marriage (an authenticated or legalized certificate of the civil marriage must be presented as proof).

Non-Mexicans are not subject to a residence requirement, but will have to identify themselves with their passport and tourist card and/or visa (the document that shows their entry to Mexico).

Marriages are performed for a fee at the Oficina del Registro Civil, but they may be performed elsewhere for an additional fee, which will be determined by the Registro Civil. The current fee is approximately $500.00 US for non-nationals.

If a foreigner intends to marry a Mexican citizen, the Mexican National Migration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migración) must grant a permit; processing of this permit takes approximately two weeks and the application must be submitted by the couple intending to marry or by the Mexican citizen.

In some Mexican states, a divorced person may not marry in Mexico within one year of divorce order, issued by a judge, unless otherwise indicated in the divorce decree.

Persons under 18 years of age cannot marry without the consent of their parents or legal guardians.