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Jade Beach / South Akumal

Jade Beach and South Akumal are both small residential communities located right on the beach, just south of Akumal Bay.

Jade Beach is a partially protected bay with fine white sand beach that is broken by more rocky areas. There is some sea grass along the bottom. Located along Jade Beach are private luxury villas and the higher end condominium Las Villas Akumal. From Jade Beach, 15 - 20 minute walk along the shoreline will take you to Akumal Bay. This is nice walk in the day, great for heading to Akumal for lunch or visiting the boutiques, but we do not recommend this walk after the sun begins to set as the trail can be uneven.

South Akumal is located just a bit further south and is a private gated community of private high end villas and one condominium property, Seven Seas Condominiums. South Akumal lies along the South Akumal Bay, a crescent shaped bay with fine white sand beach. The beach is somewhat narrow, but has easy access into the water for snorkeling and swimming. The bay is protected by an outer reef which helps keep the water inside the bay generally calm. The setting along South Akumal bay is serene. Always quiet and laid back. Visitors travel to Tulum or Akumal for restaurants, groceries and other services. Drive time to Akumal is about 5 minutes and to Tulum, about 12 minutes.

As with all beaches, when swimming or snorkeling we recommend water socks. While there are no swift currents, we do always remind visitors to be mindful of gentle currents, wave action and the occasional rip tide when enjoying the Caribbean Sea.