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Tankah Bay

Map of Tankah Bay 
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Tankah refers to the larger Tankah Bay and properties located off of the coconut road running north and south. This is a wide sandy beach with fine to course sand. It is generally very quiet and can be a great place to spend time in the Riviera Maya resort community. The Manatee Cenote is located just behind the Casa Cenote Restaurant. This is actually a small fresh water river that enters the ocean from via underground tunnell, bubbling up in the bay. The water is cool and crystal clear and perfect for swim to cool off and refresh. There are also fish and other interesting marine life so if you have your snorkel gear be sure and spend some time looking around.

There are two restaurants on Tankah. Casa Cenote, a local favorite for Sunday Texas Style Barbecue, and another Italian Restaurant at the Blue Sky Hotel. There is an outer reef to break up the surf so this is a nice beach for swimming and snorkeling. Protective foot wear, like water socks, is a good idea because of the coral, rock and grass. There are several villas and two hotels on Tankah Bay.