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Tulum Beach and Sian Ka'an Reserve

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Centro Ecolocigo de Sian Kaan

"Where the Sky is Born” This coastal UNSECO biosphere reserve offers an opportunity to see the incredible natural beauty of Mexico’s Caribbean Coastline in its most natural state. The white sand beaches are nearly undeveloped in this Riviera Maya beach community. Because there is very little outer reef, this is a great spot for body surfing, kite boarding and playing in the waves. This also means use your best judgment. Be cautious when swimming, surfing and snorkeling. Riptides and other currents may be present.

The road to Sian Ka'an runs south just past the Tulum Ruins and is an old coconut road. You enter Sian Ka'an through stone archways. You will stop here and register with the reserve.  Entrance fee is 20 pesos. This road will also take you to Boca Paila’s famous fly fishing lodge, the bridge, Punta Allen and Ascension Bay.  It is a dirt road and the condition of the road changes with the weather. Expect a slow and bumpy trip and you won’t be disappointed.  There are a few or no services here so bring everything you will need including food and water. One other word of caution: Whenever visiting any remote place, leave your valuables behind.

Sian Ka'an is a beautiful and unique place. To get the most out of your visit we recommend a guided tour. There are several guide services available. It is home to many species of birds, reptiles and other wildlife and well known for it's flats fishing on the fly. Help us care for this great wilderness area by not leaving trash or traveling over vegetation.