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The Akumal Direct Network offers online vacation rentals for Akumal and the surrounding areatravel information and a guide to local businesses and service providers.

We want you to know that you are more than welcome and in good hands when visiting Mexico's Riviera Maya. The Akumal Direct Network is a group of "Akumaleños" hoping to share our experiences and love of the area with those wishing to visit.

 What can we do for you? The Akumal Direct Network is brought to you by Akumal Locals. This means that we have firsthand knowledge of the area, vacation accommodations, and area businesses. We can make recommendations, run across the street to let your accommodation manager know you will be arriving late or make your Thanksgiving Dinner reservations at Turtle Bay or Lol-Ha. Gosh, we could probably even tell you what they will be serving. These are just a few examples. But more importantly, it means that we know and are in direct contact with property owners, managers, and booking agents. If there is a discount out there, we will know about it.

What has always made Akumal special has been its indefinable magic. We think this is something to do with the idea that Akumal is a community of unique and interesting people. We are not a resort, not a club. Just one of the last, best places. We are very proud of our little community and hope that you will enjoy your stay here. Who knows, maybe you'll never leave. Take it from us. . .It happens.

Should you have any questions during your visit to Akumal, please send us an email at

Thank you again for your interest in Akumal! We look forward to seeing you!

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