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THE AKUMAL DIRECT RESERVATION NETWORK offers online vacation rentals for Akumal and the surrounding area, travel information and a guide to local businesses and service providers.

Akumal Direct Reservation is a property rental agency. Akumal Direct portrays the properties as they are, to the best of our ability, and has no responsibility for the conditions of the rental properties or problems arising therefrom. Akumal Direct cannot be held liable for any injuries, accidents, theft or misfortune that may befall the client during their stay. Questions or complaints regarding the reserved property(s) must be directed to on-site property staff and/or management of said property(s).

Before booking please read the policies below. 

Payment in full of your reservation indicates that you acknowledge these rental policies and agree to abide by the conditions of occupancy as set forth within this rental agreement.

Thank you again and have a great vacation!