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30 Jan 2023
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Akumal is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in Riviera Maya thanks to its small-town charm.  This little town rises early in the morning and turns into a vibrant village as travelers visit one of the best snorkeling sites on the coast.  Ready to feed hungry travelers or locals these are the restaurants to visit in Akumal this year. 

NEW! Jungle Cafe On Half Moon Bay

Overlooking a natural mangrove decorated with beautiful artwork is Jungle Cafe. Steps across La Lunita Jungle is open from 7 AM to 3 PM Monday thru Sunday.  Coffee lovers will rejoice with their baristas creations and most importantly they have a real espresso machine! Oh and be sure to try their french toast with homemade preserves. You'll also want to swing by on the weekends early in the morning for homemade cochinita pibil a well-known cure for hangovers. 

La Lunita Restaurant on Half Moon Bay

Fine dining featuring international fusion foods with a local flare.  La Lunita is open for lunch and dinner from 12 PM - 9 PM on Half Moon Bay.  ProTip:  If you're planning to swing by after 6 PM be sure to have a reservation.  This restaurant is a favorite not only for its delicious food and chill ambiance but does have limited seating. 

La Buena Vida on Halfmoon Bay

Thanks to its colorful tropical jungle vibes, iconic swing bar, and skeleton-themed decor La Buena Vida is a longstanding family favorite.  Guests can lounge about on the beach, hang out on its colorful hammocks, or take a refreshing dip while they wait for their lunch, dinner, or drinks. Their shrimp tacos and Cheyenne tacos are a must, and even non-meat eaters can enjoy their quinoa alternatives.  The not-too-young can partake in a happy hour to meet locals and there's Karaoke on Wednesday

Jungle Fish on Jade Bay 

A hidden gem, offering freshly caught fish and lobster by their very own team of local fishermen. Guests staying on Akumal Bay, Jade Bay, and South Akumal can enjoy a short walk to this day beach club.  Jungle Fish has great food, drinks, a beachfront pool, and several lounge areas for patrons to enjoy from 12 PM - 7 PM.  If you're staying in Half Moon Bay it is still a walk so you may want to have enough cash in your pocket for the ride home or walk there and enjoy a sunset walk back to HMB.  Guests in Aventuras Akumal, you'll want to drive for sure. 

Lol-Ha on Akumal Bay

This is the OG of beachfront restaurants in the area offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Enjoy a beach day on Akumal Bay with friends and family, swim with turtles, and then stop by Lol-Ha for delicious seafood, traditional Mexican with an international flair like their nachos al pastor.   Happy hour here is also a great spot to watch the sunset and mingle with locals and non-locals alike. Their beachfront restaurant is open from 8 - 11 AM, and the beachfront restaurant and snack bar from 12 - 9 PM.

Taverna at Plaza Ukana, Downtown Akumal 

Another family favorite, Taverna is renowned for it's their excellent service, fire-oven pizza, Italian favorites, and seafood with a twist of Akumal.  All their homemade pasta, pizza, risottos, and desserts are great choices.  Open for Lunch and Dinner from 1 - 9 PM, Taverna gets pretty busy in the evenings so if you're looking forward to stopping by after 6:30 PM be sure to have a reservation. 

Daveed Personal Chef Service

Chef Daveed not only provides excellent service by culinary trained chefs from Yucatan and Mexico but they bring the full experience to you. Creating made-to-suit dining options for any occasion chef Daveed works with guests to deliver the meals they most want.  Be it a special event to share with a large group, food delivery, or full on cook-service for every day during your stay, at least one meal during your stay with Chef Daveed is a must.  Their chef's will come to your property anywhere from Cancun to Sian' Kaan, prep, cook, serve, and clean! Plus, when plating and serving their chefs will explaining each dish and its preparation. 

Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery at Plaza Ukana, Downtown Akumal 

A local favorite, this eatery is known for its eclectic comfort food with traditional Mexican cuisine. The Bakery's menu is a multipage smörgåsbord from breakfast thru dinner from 7 AM - 9 PM. Early risers can delight in their homemade pastries (sticky buns sell out by 9) and fresh smoothies. Their flatbreads and wraps are great for a quick lunch and those wanting to watch a game with their dinner will want to sit by the bar. 

La Cueva Del Pescador at Plaza Ukana, Downtown Akumal 

Recently remodeled with a new deck La Cueva at Plaza Ukana is another favorite, Reminiscent of a restaurant you'll find at a fishermen's wharf this is where locals know they'll find fresh ceviche and some of the best fried fish in town. La Cueva works with local fishing coops to bring the catch of the day to your table. Open from 12 - 9 PM this is the place for good food and cool drinks.


Imelda's Eco Cocina at Plaza Ukana, Downtown Akumal

It's been well over 20 years since Imelda has been preparing meals for travelers in Akumal.  Originally located next to CEA by the Dive Shop on Akumal Bay, Imelda's Eco Cocina is located in the northwest corner of the basketball courts by the arch.  Imelda's kitchen is a delightful blend of traditional homestyle food from Mexico and Imelda's native Belize.  Open from 8 AM - 5 - PM this is the place for a lovely meal that's all about flavor and pocket-friendly prices.

Loncheria Akumalito, Downtown Akumal

Open from 8 AM to 4 PM Loncheria Akumalito serves delicious and traditional homestyle Mexican dishes.  Breakfast tacos, enchiladas, poc chuc, and other great treats are prepared fresh and at a very accessible price. Located right outside the General Store right by the arch this is the place to stop for a quick bite that won't break the bank.  

Frozen Monkey, Downtown Akumal

Technically this is not a restaurant but it is the place for a cool pick-me-up at budget-friendly prices.  Frozen Monkey is located by the entrance to Tsuuk Park and the Akumal Dive Shop.  Kids of all ages can replenish after a beach day under the sun with soft-serve ice cream and other frozen treats.  The more adventurous palates will enjoy their mango frappes with spicy tajin and tamarind. 

Taqueria Abuelo Miguel, Akumal Pueblo

This family-owned and operated taqueria has over 50 years of experience making traditional Mexican favorites as per tradition.  Homemade tortillas, recado negro, and escabeche at real Mexican prices too (circa $20 pesos a taco).  Real foodies will prefer to visit on Wednesdays and Fridays when there's fresh cochinita pibil. Open from 8 AM - 5 PM this taqueria is located just over the bridge when you take a right on the first corner at the giant conch sculpture.  

Antojitos La Lunita, Akumal Pueblo

Not to be confused with the beach restaurant on Half Moon Bay with the same moniker, Antojitos serves traditional Yucatan treats like salbutes, huaraches, panuchos, and of course, tacos.  This is the spot to enjoy local food at very accessible prices.  Everything is prepared on-site and served by friendly Akumal residents.  There's a fresh juice bar and even vegan tacos but their specialty is their cochinita only available on Sundays and it sells out by 9 AM 

El Ultima Maya Restaurant, Akumal Pueblo

This small restaurant is part of the Ultimo Maya Hotel on the main street in Akumal Pueblo.  Right across the conch statue Ultimo Maya offers homestyle Mexican seafood and other traditional treats like Yucatecan Lime soup and shrimp stuffed avocados. Open for breakfast and closing around 7 PM this eatery is a good place for a low-key meal with great flavor and accessible pricing too. 

La Casa Del Pescador (previously La Cueva Puebo) Akumal Pueblo

Sort of a spin-off from the original Cueva in downtown Akumal, this second venue is also not necessarily a franchise.  About 3 years ago one of the original founders decided to venture into the Pueble with a new locale offering patrons the same delicious independent of the original Cueva in Plaza Ukana.  This is a great place to grab a hearty meal after exploring Akumal Natura, Monkey Sanctuary, or Uxuxubi.  Open from 12 PM - 9 PM this Cueva is located off the main street near the church. 

Tequilla Ville, Akumal Pueblo

A favorite among locals from Akumal to Chemuyil, more and more guests are visiting this mexican-american and affordable drinks.    Located halfway up the hill on the right-hand side of the main road in the Akumal Pueblo and open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Plan Ahead

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