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1 Nov 2018
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At the beginning of each November, our multicultural communities celebrate Day of the Dead, and the Maya Hanal Pixan. This is an incredibly special time of the year, and great fun to participate in!

Hanal Pixan is the Maya celebration of the dead. The Maya have long celebrated the lives of their ancestors, and with the arrival in the 1500s of the Spanish, these celebrations were entwined with Dia de los Muertos.  Hanal Pixan which means "food of souls" or "Feast of the souls" represents the food that is offered to the dead on these commemorative days. Each year the family builds an altar (ofrecienda) with candles, incense, salt, water, special bread, and special tamale style offerings called Mukbil Pollo, or Pib. Often other favourite foods and drinks of the deceased, and even cigarettes will be present on the altar. The traditional Maya maintains these altars for a whole month in their houses, although the Days of the Dead are officially Oct 31 for children and Nov 1 for adults, and more recently Nov 2 for animals.

Instead of it being a sober or sad event, Dia de Muertos is actually a very festive time, adorned with orange cempasúchil chrysanthemums, face painting, and celebration.  The Mexican people dedicate these days to remember their departed loved ones, tell fun stories about them, eat the foods that they liked to eat, and celebrate their lives, together as a family.  Here in the Riviera Maya, there are a host of parties and festivals that visitors can attend to celebrate Dia de los Muertos and Hanal Pixan!  

So where ever you find yourself on the days of the dead, join us in positive spirit remembering our loved ones, disguising ourselves in fun and freaky costumes, and celebrating Los Dias de Muerto!