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26 May 2018
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Healthy Smiles educates the Maya community schools on the importance of oral care. Please HELP US COLLECT TOOTHBRUSHES and TOOTHPASTE FOR CHILDREN OF MAYA COMMUNITIES

Whilst on a recent visit to a small Maya community near Coba, we met Antonio Ramos Pérez the founder of Healthy Smiles who, we discovered, has created a dental program for the children of nearby Maya Communities, the first being some 15 miles south of Tulum.

Every 4 months he visits 8 elementary schools from 8 different Maya communities; Chunyaxché, Cecilio Chi, Chumpón, Chun On, Chun Ya, Tak Chivo, Yaxché and Sahcab Mucuy, to give to children toothbrushes and toothpastes. Antonio’s dentist, who helped him initially, saw a great difference between the students in the schools he has been assisting over the past 7 years, helping to reduce cavities in these children from 80% to 20% !!! That is amazing!!!

Happy Smiles

This year, another 2 schools have asked if they can be included in his program bringing the total to 10 schools serviced.

We decided we wanted to help Antonio with his great cause, so on Monday 21st May we joined him, with the help of Miguel from Namaste Transportation, to deliver the toothbrushes and toothpastes we helped collect for all the children. Thanks to generous donations so far, we currently have collected around 1000 new children’s toothbrushes and 400 packs of toothpaste.  Since this program distributes every 4 months, there is always a need for the bank.

Dental Hygiene Program in Mayan area of Quintana Roo

Prevention is important, and in the case of these communities, it is necessary to take action. And there we are. Not only are brushes and toothpaste distributed, they are also given a small talk and economic options to replace pasta and save”. Antonio Ramos Perez

We are asking if you can help us in our quest to reach our target of collecting sufficient toothbrushes & toothpaste to benefit at least 600 children. We are asking for donations of children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste or donations in cash so we can buy them, in bulk, on your behalf.  With many thanks in advance.

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