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14 Jul 2023
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Explore Rivera Maya

Step into the magical land of Riviera Maya, a paradise beyond beaches and coconut groves. Nestled in the Yucatan Peninsula is Akumal, a haven for action-packed adventures and breathtaking sights. These 5 exhilarating activities will make your trip to Riviera Maya unforgettable. From venturing into the wilderness of the Sian Kaan Muyil and discovering the depth of Cenotes to exploring the mystical Bacalar Lagoon, embarking on a Tulum Jungle adventure, and experiencing the one-of-a-kind Whale Shark Expedition. 

Whale Shark Expedition

Embark on a scenic journey through the Mexican Caribbean, a captivating hour-long ride to the gathering spot of the majestic Whale Sharks. Upon reaching a designated meeting point, you'll have the incredible opportunity to swim alongside these impressive 10-meter (35-foot) creatures. Knowledgeable guides and marine staff will be there to ensure your safety and provide an unforgettable experience of observing and swimming with the Whale Sharks

Includes: Transportation, guide, light breakfast & lunch.
Pick up at 5:15 AM, back at 2 pm

Price: $219 USD per adult and $199 per kid (up to 11 yo)
Available everyday (June to Sept 16)

Bacalar Lagoon

Bacalar, a picturesque town nestled beside a captivating inland lagoon, offers a serene escape in the midst of nature, accompanied by a thrilling colonial history of Spanish treasures and pirates! Sail away and let the tranquil waters guide our journey through the mesmerizing hues of blue that adorn this enchanting landscape. As you embark on this adventure, seize the opportunity to explore Bacalar while it still retains its wonderfully relaxed ambiance. By choosing a sailboat, you not only contribute to the preservation of this exceptional ecosystem but also immerse yourself in a truly organic experience, harmoniously blending with the elements that surround you.

Includes: Transportation, guide, breakfast & lunch.
Pick up at 7 AM, back at 7 pm

Price: Upon request, private tour.
Available Everyday

Sian Ka'an Muyil

Nestled within the northern section of the Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve, the ancient Maya site of Muyil awaits your discovery. This millennia-old trading post, harmoniously situated on the fringes of freshwater lagoons and lush tropical forests, offers an immersive journey into Mayan history and ecology. Prepare to be enchanted by the crystal-clear waters beckoning you to embark on an incredible "lazy river" adventure. Drift through this truly unique setting, serenaded by the symphony of nature, amidst orchids, bromeliads, and the soothing sounds of birdsong and rustling reeds. It's a serene and immersive experience unlike anything you've encountered before.

Includes:  Transportation, guide, vegetarian lunch.
Pick up at 12:30 PM, back at 6:30 PM

Price: $155 USD per adult and $140 per kid (up to 8 yo) 
Available Everyday 

Tulum Jungle Adventure

This exhilarating half-day experience combines adventure, fun, culture, and a touch of history, all conveniently located within a short distance. Before returning, indulge in a delicious traditional Mayan meal, savoring the flavors of the region. The ruins of Tulum are an absolute must-visit for anyone exploring the area. Knowledgeable guides will lead you through this remarkable site, regaling you with stories of calendars, ceremonies, and encounters with Spanish invaders, all before the crowds arrive later in the morning.  The jungle holds countless secrets, and among them lies Parque Tankah—a breathtaking eco-park boasting cenotes, zip lines, lagoons, snorkeling, canoes, cliff jumps, and more!  Whether you're a first-time visitor to a cenote or a seasoned explorer, the vivid colors, abundant wildlife, and rich history will leave you mesmerized. 

Includes:  Transportation, guide, entrance fees & lunch.
Pick up at 7:30 AM, back at 2:30 PM

Price: $155 USD per adult and $140 per kid (up to 8 yo)
Available Everyday.

Cenote Exploration

This extraordinary journey will take you through three of the most astonishing sinkholes in the Yucatan, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will broaden your perspective of the breathtaking subterranean landscape beneath Tulum.
Filled with exhilarating moments and eye-opening exploration, this adventure will immerse you in a world like no other. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, snorkel alongside vibrant fish, and witness the mesmerizing underwater caves adorned with stunning rock formations. Navigate through limestone passageways, illuminated by the soft glow of your lamp, as you uncover the secrets that lie within these hidden marvels. Finally, surrender yourself to the tranquil peace and enchantment found deep within the caverns, known as the sacred "womb of the Earth."

Includes:  Transportation, guide, entrance fees, snacks & lunch.
Pick up at 7:30 am, back at 2:30 PM

Price: $155 USD per adult and $140 per kid (up to 8 yo)
Available Everyday.

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