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21 Jun 2018
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Explore Rivera Maya

Communities inhabited by the modern Maya of today, strive to preserve their ancient traditions and customs. They also wish to share their living culture with visitors to the Riviera Maya and the great state of Quintana Roo.  

We are delighted to recommend a visit to our good friend Maria Benita Dzib and her father, Victor’s house.  They are residents in SAN JUAN DE DIOS pueblo located 9 km south of the archaeological zone of Coba.

Visiting Maria and her family allows one to experience unique and memorable moments, from how to make a corn tortilla, indulge in traditional Maya cooking, demonstrations of huipil making (the traditional dress of the Maya women) uses of medicinal plants and beekeeping.  

A custom lunch can be ordered in advance.  Maria normally serves pollo (marinated chicken) or cochinita pibil (marinated pork), fresh ground corn tortillas cooked over an open fire, a variety of fresh garden salsas and garnishes. Ice cold lemonade made from limes harvested from the family’s trees is also served using purified water. A more elaborate lunch can be designed to include rice, beans and traditional Maya sides with fresh honey in the comb for dessert. This unique culinary experience will delight each group including those with the most sophisticated palate.

Pure, Maya honey is for sale along with handmade crafts made by the women of the family.

Your visit will be blessed by Maria’s father, Victor, the last Shaman of the village. Prior to lunch service, you will participate in his brief ceremony of thanks to the ancient Maya deities that he will evoke for your protection no matter where you roam.  

Please contact for more information on this English speaking, Maya guided tour that can include a visit to the Coba archaeological site and a swim in a freshwater cenote.