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21 Jun 2022
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Explore Rivera Maya

One of Riviera Maya's most precious destinations is soon to be ranked among the most popular too. Known as the lagoon of 7 colors, this inland lagoon is the focal point for many visiting Riviera Maya and dictates the history, culture, and activities in the area. 

Riviera Maya Is Getting Smaller

Bacalar is a natural habitat home to a variety of eco-systems and historical sites are interconnected in the Bacalar area; the lagoon, the jungle, and the Mayan ruins. Bacalar is the perfect destination for more sustainable tourists who want to dive into the local culture, economies, people, and natural environments. 

Direct Flights To Bacalar

Until 2022, the easiest and shortest route to reach Bacalar was flying into Cancun and then driving 5-6 hours south. As of recently, commercial flights from Mexico City are now flying directly to Chetumal's airport which is only 30 minutes from the town of Bacalar. These direct flights make weekend and beach getaways to Bacalar far more accessible than ever before. Especially, for residents of one of the world's most populated cities in the world. 

Bacalar Is Growing Too!

The magical lagoon which is less than a 3 hour's drive south of Akumal and Tulum, has become the destination to visit in Riviera Maya during the summer. Thanks to its growing popularity and demand, many of Tulum's most renowned hotels are opening their doors on the shores of Bacalar.

Visit Bacalar 

If you're in Riviera Maya, a road trip to Bacalar is well worth your while. Contact us for more information and details about how to get there and where to stay.