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5 Dec 2022
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Local Tips

Traveling to the beach is one of the most relaxing vacation choices. Of course, every well-designed plan can go askew due to a lack of preparation.  Akumal Direct’s travel and reservation experts recommend the following pre-travel travel checklist before guests even start packing. 

Prepare To Go With The Flow
  1. Make sure your passport and any other travel documents are valid. International visitors including US citizens will need to complete an immigration form online

  2. Confirm accommodations are booked prior to departing your place of origin. Villas, condos, and boutique hotels are in high demand this season so walk-ins will find themselves in a pinch. 

  3. Check with your bank that your cards are travel-ready, and get pesos and dollars in cash.
    Credit cards are accepted practically everywhere, and there are a few atm’s in town but it never hurts to have a few pesos in your back pocket before arrival. 

  4. Decide the mode of transportation you’ll want to use during your stay. Golf cart, bike, car rentals, public transport, taxi?

  5. Book any car and golf cart rentals at least 48 hours in advance. Notify rental companies if car seats are necessary or if any passengers have special requirements before arrival. 

  6. Explore the area online. Are there archeological sites, restaurants, dive shops, grocery stores, bars, yoga, and beach clubs, nearby? 

  7. Book any sightseeing tours, spa, chef, or any additional guest experiences in advance. 

  8. Make sure that the dining options available work with your mode of transportation. Find out if guests can have grocery or food services delivered prior to or during their arrival. 

  9. Have contact info, address, and directions for your rentals (vacation, car, shuttle) readily available for reference before you leave for the airport.  You may have to notify your vacation rental if there’s a flight delay. 

  10. Pack lightly, airports will be operating at full capacity. Avoid wasting beach time at the luggage carousel when you just travel with carry-on luggage.

Relax And Enjoy The Moment!

Akumal Direct Guests have full support during the reservation process and concierge service during their stay. A team of local experts will gladly help you navigate through Riviera Maya to find the vacation experience you most want. Contact us for more information and details about visiting Akumal.

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