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12 Sep 2023
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Local Tips

September in Riviera Maya is not just about the pristine beaches and azure waters; it's a vibrant month of celebration, especially with the Mexican Independence Day setting the festive mood. Dive deep into the Mexican culture from the comfort of your beachfront vacation home with Akumal Direct. 

Traditional Mexican Cooking Classes

This season, you can master the art of traditional Mexican dishes! Enroll in our cooking classes to craft sumptuous Chiles En Nogada and other festive delicacies. Relish them by the beach, savoring every bite with a stunning view.

Tequila Mixology Sessions

Elevate your evenings with our mixology classes. Gain insights about tequila, its heritage, and how to blend it into iconic cocktails like margaritas and palomas. Toast to the beauty of Mexico with each sip!

A Mexican Fiesta to Remember

Let's turn one of your nights into an unforgettable fiesta! Our catered theme nights come adorned with vibrant decorations, a piñata, a spread of mouthwatering food, thirst-quenching drinks, and the mesmerizing tunes of a Mariachi Band. Dance, eat, drink, and rejoice in the spirit of Mexico.

Make your Riviera Maya stay truly special. Revel in these festivities, feel the heartbeat of Mexico, and create memories that'll last a lifetime. Contact us now to infuse your vacation with flavors, colors, and the soul of Mexico!