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30 Nov 2023
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Local Tips

During our recent stay at Casa Del Sol, nestled with private access to Yal Ku Lagoon, we stumbled upon an unforgettable experience - a cooking class right in our vacation rental, arranged through Akumal Direct's guest services. This wasn't just any cooking class; it was a deep dive into the heart of traditional Mexican cuisine, led by the vibrant Chef Esmeralda and her adept assistant, Alain.

The Beginning of a Flavorful Journey

Our culinary adventure began with a simple request to the concierge for a cooking class. With the time and number of guests communicated, everything was set up effortlessly. The anticipation built as Chef Esmeralda and Alain arrived, arms laden with fresh groceries and, to our delight, a selection of drinks to set the mood.

A Kitchen Transformed into a Classroom

Chef Esmeralda, with her infectious enthusiasm, introduced us to the menu we'd be preparing. It was an interactive experience, with each step demonstrated and explained, turning our kitchen into a lively classroom. She shared invaluable tips, like keeping guacamole from turning brown - a trick that would surely impress our friends back home.

The Art of Mexican Cooking

The air was filled with the aromas of authentic Mexican cooking as we embarked on preparing a full-on Mexican fiesta-themed dinner. Our hands were busy making homemade chips and salsa, and we were particularly excited about learning to make molotes. These fried empanadas were stuffed with tinga for the meat-lovers and veggies for our vegan family members, ensuring everyone was included in this gastronomic feast.

More Than Just a Meal

What made this experience truly special were the stories and cultural insights Esmeralda shared with us. It was not just about the food; it was about understanding the rich heritage behind these dishes. The atmosphere was light and joyous, filled with laughter and learning, as we bonded over our shared love for good food.

A Feast to Remember

As the evening progressed, our dining table transformed into a vibrant display of our culinary creations. Tasting the fruits of our labor was deeply satisfying, but what we cherished most were the memories we made together. This wasn't just a meal; it was a celebration of culture, family, and the simple joy of cooking.

As we sat around the table, relishing every bite, we realized this experience with Akumal Direct guest services was more than just a highlight of our vacation; it was a journey into the heart of Mexican cuisine, leaving us with skills, stories, and smiles that we'd carry long after our return home.