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14 Jul 2023
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Welcome to your ultimate guide to transportation around the dreamy oasis of Akumal, Mexico! Whether you’re planning a trip or already soaking up the sun in South Akumal, Half Moon Bay, Yal Ku Lagoon, Aventuras Akumal, Puerto Aventuras, Tankah Bay, or Soliman Bay, understanding the ins and outs of moving around can transform your vacation experience. So, pack your bags, wave down a colectivo, and let’s journey through Akumal’s transportation options!

From taxis and car rentals to bicycles and golf carts, Akumal presents an array of transportation modes. Depending on your location, schedule, and adventurous spirit, each option lends its unique charm and functionality.

Public Transportation in Akumal

Taking a colectivo, or shuttle bus, is a popular, affordable way to get around Akumal. These minibusses run regularly and are hailed from the side of the highway - just look out for the designated stops!

Taxis in Akumal

Looking for convenience? Taxis are readily available and are perfect for short trips. A note of caution though — always agree on a fare before leaving, as most taxis are not metered.

Car Rental in Akumal

For longer distances or out-of-town trips, a car rental could be your viable choice. It offers flexibility and the freedom of exploration; just remember that parking may be scarce in some areas.

Bicycles in Akumal

Biking around Akumal is a blissful experience, given its flat terrain and scenic beauty. Bike rentals are available throughout the town, providing a leisurely and environment-friendly transportation mode.

Golf Carts in Akumal

Golf carts in Akumal? Yes, you read right! These fun, motorized vehicles are a perfect way to cruise around Akumal’s less-traveled roads, especially in wide-open areas like South Akumal or Half Moon Bay.

Walking in Akumal

For short distances, why not explore Akumal on foot? Walking can be delightful given Akumal’s beautiful, pedestrianized areas, full of local culture and natural beauty.

Transportation Options Depending on Your Destination

Now that you know the main transportation options in Akumal, let's delve into location-specific advice for South Akumal, Half Moon Bay, Yal Ku Lagoon, Aventuras Akumal, Puerto Aventuras, Tankah Bay, and Soliman Bay.

South Akumal

South Akumal is best explored with a car rental and on foot.  Guests can definitely walk along the beach to get to Akumal Bay in about 25 minutes.  That said, having a vehicle allows you to move around the area more freely during your stay. 

Half Moon Bay

This picturesque bay is a favorite amongst walkers and bicyclers, thanks to its phenomenal views and flat terrain. Guests staying here will find themselves within walking distance of downtown Akumal and Yal-Ku Lagoon.

Yal Ku Lagoon

A bike ride, golf cart, car rental, or walk gets you to the main areas of Akumal from Yal Ku Lagoon. Note:  Guests entering Yal Ku Lagoon from Yal Ku Ha will need a car rental or taxi to enter town.

Aventuras Akumal

Whether a car rental for a day trip to the ruins or a taxi to the local markets, Aventuras Akumal is well-connected and easily navigated.

Puerto Aventuras

A colectivo is an efficient way to explore Puerto Aventuras with regular services running from Akumal Center. You could also opt for a car rental if you plan to visit the surrounding areas.

Tankah Bay

Tankah Bay is a bit secluded, making a car rental advantageous for exploring the bay and its surroundings extensively. However, taxis are also widely available.

Soliman Bay

Soliman Bay invites serenity seekers. Here, renting a bicycle or walking will expose you to the bay's secluded spots and breathtaking beauty.

So, there you have it — Akumal's transportation options are based on the location you’re staying! Whichever mode you choose, remember to take in the enchanting beauty of Akumal and its surrounding areas. Enjoy your trip, and safe travels!

Plan Ahead

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