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14 Apr 2023
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Local Tips

Where to Park In Downtown Akumal and Akumal Bay

Parking in Akumal is not free.  Most vacation rentals do offer free parking but if you're planning to drive Akumal expect to pay for parking.

Visitors coming to Akumal Bay for a day trip can use any of the 4 major parking lots at the entrance of Akumal. There are 3 parking lots before you arrive at the arch and these are your best bet. Especially, during the high season when guests from all over Riviera Maya come to snorkel. Parking here will cost you $100 MX pesos plus tips for the day from 8 AM to 7 PM. You can park here and just walk towards downtown, your dive shop or restaurant of choice.

If you go inside the arch there is a smaller parking lot at Plaza Ukana that will cost you $40 MX pesos an hour plus tip. Open from 8 AM till 11 PM this is a great parking solution if you’re planning to grab a bite at Taverna, The Bakery, or La Cueva. Given its limited capacity, this parking lot will fill up pretty quickly during the high season. 

Past Plaza Ukana and The Akumal Dive Shop is the fourth large parking lot that will cost you $100 MX pesos plus tip for the day. You can easily walk to Plaza Ukana, CEA, The Akumal Dive Shop, and the entrance to Akumal Bay via the reception at Club Akumal Caribe. Avoid losing precious time waiting for a spot to open and creating a traffic jam by simply driving to the next parking lot or circle back to the entrance.

What If All Parking Lots Are Full?

Whatever you do, DO NOT park on the side of Akumal Road, this small street is so narrow that vehicles along the road will cause more traffic jams. Plus, your shuttle transfers and large trucks may hit your rental and nobody wants to deal with insurance handlers on vacation. Shuttles will stop by the road picking up their groups so expect traffic to be slow, very slow, practically at a standstill during peak times. If all parking lots are full you can drive to Half Moon Bay and grab a bite at La Lunita or La Buena Vida and enjoy some awesome snorkeling too and hit Akumal Bay on your way out.

Visiting Akumal Dive Center, Club Akumal Caribe Beach Club & Buddha Gardens Spa?

Guests staying in any of Akumal Bays beach rentals, hotels or resorts get to enjoy the very best right at their door, and parking is included. Those staying in the nearby areas are always welcome too! If you have plans to dine at Lol-Ha, dive with the Akumal Dive Center, an appointment at Buddha Gardens Spa, or want to spend the day at Club Akumal Caribe’s Beach Club parking is certainly available for patrons. Of course, if you have a large group with you it's always a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation. 

Plan Ahead With Akumal Direct

During high season downtown Akumal becomes a high-density zone in a one-road town. We highly recommend arriving early to secure a spot. Contact our concierge and guest services to make your reservation at Akumal Bay with us and more details about visiting Akumal.