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31 May 2023
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Local Tips

Travelers visiting Akumal during the summer months can enjoy one of the most unique experiences in person.  Akumal, Mexico - the perfect place to witness the incredible turtle nesting season!

Turtles come to Akumal from May to August each year to lay their eggs on the beach. To make sure you experience this amazing phenomenon in the best way possible, here are some guidelines you should follow:

1. Full moon is the best time to watch the turtles lay their eggs - the brighter the night, the easier it is to spot them!

2. Keep any artificial lights off - turtles are scared away by bright lights.

3. Stay at least 30 to 40 yards away from the shore when observing the turtles.

4. Do not use bright lights, phones, or camera flashes this really disorients them.  They don't like it.

5. If you must use a light, use a red film filter on it.

6. Stay at least 12 feet away from the turtles to avoid disturbing them.

7. Keep it quiet - loud noises and sudden movements can scare the turtles away.

8. Be patient and never step over the turtle nest as this can damage the eggs.

9. Choose the right beach. Not all beaches are created equal and sea turtles know this. Improve your chances of seeing sea turtles nest this summer by staying at a low-density beach such as Aventuras Akumal and South Akumal. 

Experience this amazing natural event and witness the incredible turtle nesting season in Akumal, Mexico!

Plan Ahead!

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