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20 Dec 2021
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New Testing Clinic In Akumal

Due to international travel requirements, passengers require negative Covid test results prior to boarding their flights. Guests staying in Akumal have several options to comply with these regulations and now have another option as to where to get the Covid-19 antigen or PCR testing. 

Located in Akumal Pueblo the Laboratorio de Analisis Clinico is right next to Tequilaville. The clinic opens as early as 7 am and offers the Rapid Antigen results in about 1 to 2 hours for $30 USD. They also have the PCR test with results the following day delivered via email.  

To contact the clinic travelers can choose any of the following options:


Whatsapp +529841280809 or +529842082306

Phone +529843082552. 

Of course, guests can always contact Akumal Direct Reservation's concierge to book your Covid test appointment for you.