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7 Nov 2023
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Local Tips

Embrace your passion for pickleball while connecting with the vibrant Akumal community. Akumal offers a thriving pickleball scene, catering to both locals and expats of all ages. Discover the venues and events that make Akumal a pickleball paradise.

Pickleball Courts in Akumal

Akumal Library

Conveniently located near Akumal pueblo, these pickleball courts are perfect for casual games and meeting fellow enthusiasts.

Tulum Country Club

Boasting top-notch facilities suitable for both beginners and experienced players the Tulum Country Club .

The Dome in the Pueblo

Join the friendly expat group for pickleball fun every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 AM to 11 AM at the pueblo dome. All skill levels are welcome, making it a great opportunity to make new friends and enjoy competitive matches.

Youthful Enthusiasm: Middle School Pickleball Club

Introduce your kids aged 12 to 14 to the world of pickleball! Every Thursday at 11:30 AM, the middle school hosts a youth pickleball session at the dome. It's an excellent way for youngsters to stay active, develop skills, and socialize with like-minded peers.

Community Involvement and Support

Akumal's pickleball community is more than just a sports group; it's a caring community. If you're interested in local initiatives or supporting the youth pickleball club, your participation is highly encouraged. The young players are not only passionate about the game but also remarkable individuals.

For additional information, assistance, or to get involved in the Akumal pickleball community, please contact A. Coady at or text 1-856-631-5376.

Whether you're an expat seeking friendly competition, a young player eager to enhance your skills, or a community-minded individual looking to make a positive impact, Akumal's pickleball scene caters to all. Join us for enjoyable matches, active living, and the camaraderie that makes Akumal a haven for pickleball enthusiasts. We'll see you on the courts!