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12 Apr 2024
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Local Tips

Akumal, offers a unique spectacle between May and late October: the sea turtle nesting season in Riviera Maya. This period provides an exceptional opportunity for private travelers to witness sea turtles in their natural habitat.

Prime Locations for Turtle Watching

Riviera Maya is renowned for being a must-stop for sea turtles’s migration patterns. Still, these three beaches offer the unique opportunity to witness this spectacular even in a private setting. 

Aventuras Akumal is known for its long stretches of soft sandy beach and soft entrance to the water, making it a favorite among families and groups of friends.

South Akumal is a private gated community offering a more secluded environment, ideal for those seeking tranquility while observing turtles.

Soliman Bay is the most exclusive beach in Riviera Maya. It is just 10 minutes north of the Tulum ruins and has some of the most beautiful vacation rentals and luxury homes in the area. 

Do's and Don'ts for Responsible Tourism

  - Respect wildlife by keeping a safe distance.

  - Use red lights if necessary, as they are less disturbing to turtles.

  - Join guided tours that promote ethical wildlife watching.


  - Do not disturb the turtles or their nesting sites.

  - Avoid using flash photography or shining bright lights at night.

  - Refrain from leaving trash or any foreign objects on the beach.

Learn More and Get Involved

For those looking to deepen their understanding and contribute to conservation efforts, visiting the Centro Ecologico de Akumal (CEA) is a must. The CEA offers educational tours and volunteer opportunities to help protect these majestic creatures.  

Plan Ahead

Contact us for more information and details about planning your upcoming trip to Akumal and we'll help you find the vacation experience you most want.