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30 Nov 2023
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Local Tips

This service, bridging the gap between Akumal Pueblo and Yal Ku Lagoon, is a boon not only for tourists but also for the local community, especially its students.

A Convenient and Affordable Transit Option

Running every half hour from 7 am to 6:30 pm, with a brief lunch break at 1:30 pm, the colectivo offers a reliable and frequent service that is ideal for those looking to explore the town's attractions or simply move around for daily activities. The cost of a ride is quite reasonable, at 30 pesos per trip, and an even more affordable 20 pesos for locals commuting to work. This pricing structure makes it an attractive option for those seeking an inexpensive way to travel.

Supporting Local Education

One of the most commendable aspects of this initiative is its support for local students. The colectivo provides these young learners with much-needed transportation to schools in Tulum, a critical factor in accessing better educational opportunities. By facilitating this journey, the service plays a vital role in helping the children of Akumal's Pueblo to reach for new horizons and embrace the possibilities that education can offer.

Joining Hands for Community Growth

For visitors who are touched by the spirit of community and wish to contribute to the educational growth of Akumal's children, there is a wonderful opportunity to do so. Jungla Café, a local establishment, serves as a designated donation point for those who want to support this noble cause. Contributions made here go towards ensuring the continuation and expansion of the colectivo service, thereby directly benefiting the children's access to education and, indirectly, the community's future.  Contact us for more information and details about how you too can contribute to this wonderful cause.