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6 May 2021
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Local Tips

Friends and families are headed to the Caribbean shore of Akumal ready for their much-anticipated beach getaways. After a year pent up at homes everyone has had plenty of time to research their vacation rental thoroughly and shop around for the latest swimwear. Of course, with the excitement of flying away to Mexico, even veteran globetrotters may forget some of the most important (and obvious) items in the rush. Akumal Direct Reservations has created a quick checklist for you to click off before stepping out the door to ensure peaceful travels. 

  1. Valid passports
    Preferably with an expiration date about 1 month after your return date. Spending your vacation at a consulate renewing passports is no way to spend your time at the beach. 

  2. Reservation and Directions
    Bring a copy of your reservation with directions and instructions on how to get to your vacation rental. Downloading these to your phone is the primary choice but batteries do die during flights and even though your wireless plan promises international service it’s best to have a hard copy. 

  3. Prescription medications.
    Yes, there are doctors and pharmacies in town and even world-class hospitals in Playa Del Carmen but do you really want to waste time tracking down the exact equivalent to your prescribed treatment of choice?

  4. Water shoes.
    This is one that is not necessarily live or die but swimmers with more sensitive footsies may find the coral rocks uncomfortable upon entry. Of course, there are local shops should you make an emergency but options may be limited. 

  5. A positive attitude.
    You’re off to a tropical getaway where friends and family from all over the planet flock to enjoy each other’s company and even make new friends. Should a curve ball come your way take a deep breath and keep in mind you’re traveling with  Akumal Direct and our travel experts are here to help you before and during your trip.

Ready to take off on to paradise? Contact us to double-check you have everything you need before you leave home.