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12 May 2023
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Local Tips

Is Topless Tanning Allowed In Riviera Maya?

The perfect tan has no tan lines but whether the European practice of sunbathing is allowed in Riviera Maya is a blurry line on the sand.   Technically, topless sunbathing is not allowed in Mexico but as it is among the top 5 tourist destinations in the world, most public beaches will turn a shy eye to the occasional beachcomber that lays out topless for a few minutes. However, authorities may approach topless tanners and let them know that they must cover up according to federal law.  Of course, there are adult resorts all over the coast where topless is allowed no questions asked. 

Does Akumal Allow Topless Tanning?

Akumal is a family-oriented town so visitors should wear their bikini tops at public beaches such as Akumal Bay and Half Moon Bay.  Guests staying on the more private beaches from Jade Bay down to Tulum may work discreetly on their tan sans lines.  Granted, parading topless openly up and down the beach may not only raise a few eyebrows but may receive a warning or even a request from management to cease and desist. 

Topless Tanning Etiquette

If guests must tan topless it is always best to ask the property what their policy is regarding the issue.  Some homeowners will allow it poolside and recommend guests avoid being too exposed near the beach as neighboring homes may have young children.  Also, most housekeepers and caretakers are local families with very modest points of view as far as nudity goes. 

Know Before You Go

Avoid any awkward situations and contact us to learn what properties do allow topless tanning, we'll gladly help you find the property you most want.