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14 Apr 2023
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22 Great Vacation Rental Tips

Vacation rentals have become one of the best travel experiences in Riviera Maya for friends and families searching for a fun and accessible place to stay.  Small low-density beach communities like Puerto Aventuras, Soliman Bay, and Akumal are trending higher than Cozumel, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum for those looking to avoid masses of people while on vacation.  Thanks to companies like Airbnb and VRBO travelers can easily book private villas and condos on their own. However, guests are quickly realizing that the vacation rental experience in a foreign country can be quite different than in the U.S. where the leading rental by-owner giants originated. 

Vacation Rental Do's

  1. Do contact the host prior to arrival to confirm the address, directions, or lockbox.
  2. Do request the number or email address of who to contact upon arrival
  3. Do announce if you will be checking in early or late. Especially, the latter!
  4. Do confirm with your host what the best mode of transportation is needed for the experience you most want.
  5. Do ask your host to verify the view, distances, and type of beach are as described to ensure that what you see is what you get. 
  6. Do let your host know if anyone in your party has mobility issues as some properties may not have the accessibility needed. 
  7. Do notify your host if you will be traveling with infants, toddlers, or minors to make sure the vacation rental is child-proof or age appropriate.  
  8. Do consult with your host about any special occasion during your stay so they can notify their staff ahead of time and plan accordingly. 
  9. Do book any additional services like chefs, drivers, car rentals, and tours ahead of time to avoid a surprise on pricing and availability. 
  10. Do inquire about the type of activities, stores, and vibe of the beach where the property you are looking to visit. 
  11. Do contact your host as soon as possible about any issues the on-site staff cannot quickly resolve or problems during your stay.
  12. Do ask if tip is included with your vacation rental.  Otherwise, ask how much you should leave in gratuity for a job well done.

Vacation Rental Don'ts

  1. Don't book without verifying your vacation rental host's authenticity and existence.  
  2. Don't always expect a better deal from VRBO or Airbnb. Guests booking with local companies like Locogringo and Akumal Direct can expect fewer fees and more services like a free concierge. 
  3. Don't be surprised that housekeeping is included but do feel free to let your host know what schedule can work best for you. 
  4. Don't assume there will be a washer or dryer for guest use.  Often, on-site housekeepers may do laundry at an additional charge but this is not across. 
  5. Don't get upset at the live-in staff for being on-site, most are practically family to the owners and are given their instructions but if you would like more privacy just let your host know ahead of time. 
  6. Don't show up with a pet unannounced to your rental.  Technically, dogs are not allowed on any beaches so hardly any properties on the coast are pet-friendly. 
  7. Don't fish offshore your vacation rental it's illegal.  Riviera Maya is a delicate ecosystem and beaches. Places like Akumal are protected marine zones where fishing hooks and lines cause irreparable damage to underwater life and coral reef. 
  8. Don't get upset if there's rain, clouds, wind sargassum (seaweed), or it's too hot.  It's the weather and unfortunately, as much as they'd love for you to have a picture-perfect stay there is nothing they can do about it.  
  9. Don't expect housekeeping or caretakers to speak fluent English.  Most are multilingual speaking at least Maya and Spanish at least so English is their third language. 
  10. Don't wait until you've returned home to address maintenance issues or situations that may occur during your stay.  Your host can help contact staff to correct any problem before you go home. 
  11. Don't expect housekeeping to cook or babysit for free, these are additional services that need to be planned in advance. 
  12. Don't wait till the last minute to book the vacation rental you want. Riviera Maya is one of the top travel destinations in the world so properties book months often years in advance. 

Akumal Direct offers guests a wide variety of vacation rentals from Puerto Aventuras to Soliman Bay.  Contact us to find the property you most want and start planning your vacation with us.