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8 Apr 2022
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Where to Stay

Well-versed travelers familiar with the area know a vacation in Riviera Maya even with sargasso is an experience worth having for very good reasons.

Experienced Travelers Know This About Sargasso

  1. Summer Sargasso: Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t.
    Even during the peak of summer, a change in currents can clear out a beach for a few days or weeks. Sargasso patches are constantly changing directions so if one bay has sargasso, more often than not, there’s a nearby beach to visit during the day. 

  2. Riviera Maya is more than just a beach.
    Cliche as it sounds, Riviera Maya is beloved by the world not only for its gorgeous beaches but its the truth. Visitors can walk in the footsteps of ancient civilizations that one day lived in the Mayan Ruins scattered all over the coast. Nearby colonial towns, nature parks, and recreational activities including SCUBA, snorkeling, fishing, and sailing, among others, keep travelers coming back to the Yucatan. 

  3. Direct Flights
    Cancun’s international airport has direct flights from practically every state in the continental U.S. An easy-to-access destination is always a great value for families and friends traveling together. Especially when traveling with children, spending as little time getting from point A to B as quickly as possible is crucial for a successful vacation. 

  4. Privacy and Affordability
    The travel industry has seen a post-pandemic trend amongst travelers favoring private vacation rentals over all-inclusive resorts. Private villas along the beach shore from Akumal to Tulum offer guests the unique luxury of staying exclusively with their group at budget-friendly rates.

  5. Transparency
    Vacation rental companies such as Akumal Direct and Locogringo are being upfront with guests about the situation prior to their arrival. Prior to booking any reservations for the summer, these websites enforce a policy of notifying guests about each property’s sargasso situation. Certain property owners have also opted to remove their rentals from the market during this season entirely to avoid unsatisfied guests. 

How To Navigate Through Sargasso 

Get expert advice from our team of local vacation planners to help you find the property you most want. Contact us today, and get a free custom quote for you based on your dates and the total number of guests.