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Your Guide to Tankah Bay

Located immediately south of Soliman Bay, approximately 7 miles north of Tulum, Tankah Bay merges rusticity with exclusivity. This picturesque area is home to a number of stunning vacation properties juxtaposed with the laid-back “anything goes” vibe of the Mexican Caribbean.

The South Tankah shoreline features white sandy beaches and a calm and shallow bay that extends meters at sea, but swim a bit farther and you’ll hit the Mesoamerican Reef System. From May to December runs the turtle nesting season, and walk along one of these beaches at night and you just might encounter a mama turtle coming ashore to bury her eggs in the sand. The North Tankah shoreline is a tad rockier, but don’t let that deter you. Privacy and location is the name of the game in Tankah and some cheap and effective water shoes will have you in and out of the ocean with no effort at all.

Tankah Bay is also the famous site of the Manatí Cenote (sometimes called Casa Cenote or Tankah Cenote), a crystalline outdoor cenote perfect for snorkeling. An extensive mangrove system runs the length of Tankah Bay and its roots extend into the cenote. Manatee Cenote has also become a popular spot for divers to complete their open water certification. If you’re interested in diving, Tankah has two dive centers: Tankah Divers and Manatí Divers.

Flanked by two hotels—Tankah Inn and PavoReal Beach Resort—Tankah is also home to a few restaurants. Founded in 1990 by an American ex-pat, Casa Cenote Restaurant and Hotel has amazing views and even better margaritas. Savor a sandwich or quesadilla while enjoying a view of the sea, including the turquoise ojo (eye) in the sea—a natural pool formed where freshwater from Manatí Cenote filters out into the sea. It’s not uncommon to see fishermen at this site, but the current is quite strong for swimmers, so enter at your own risk!

Just two lots north, Blue Sky Restaurant serves up Italian cuisine, wood-fired pizza and seafood. The staff is super friendly and—let’s face it—sometimes you just need a pizza. Even in Mexico.

Tankah Bay offers privacy and an unfettered and peaceful experience. Some compare this location to Tahiti because of its swaying palms, blue-green water, and Robinson Crusoe-vibe. This is definitely the spot to make long-lasting family memories. Popular activities in the area include snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and paddle-boarding. Whether pursuing adventure or taking it easy on the shore, Tankah truly has something for everyone.

And if you’re itching for nightlife, a straight shot south will take you to Tulum with its myriad restaurants and bars. Akumal Bay sits to the north and is the place for snorkeling with the sea turtles.

While in Tankah, you can shop the grocery stores in Tulum or Akumal, or have your groceries delivered to you. Whatever you decide, Tankah is an incredible spot to let go, breathe, and enjoy life.