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Decidedly unique among Yucatecan archaeological sites, Coba offers a glimpse of the great Mayan cities grown over by dense jungle, as they must have been seen by the first Europeans to arrive in the New World. Constructed along two lakes, Coba translates to "waters stirred by the wind." Coba, which flourished during Classic Maya Period (600-900 A.D.), was believed to have had over 50,000 inhabitants.

Coba is the largest archaeological zone in the Yucatan, nine square miles, much of which lies covered by green jungle. "Nohuch Mul," the principal structure of Coba, is the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan at 122 feet. Coba is located approximately 1.5 hours from Akumal. It is absolutely worth seeing!

Be sure to bring along insect repellent, good walking shoes and drinking water. You can hire a tricycle to peddle you through the site for 200 pesos or $12.00 plus tip, rent a bike or hike the groomed trails. Coba is also an excellent site for bird watching so remember to bring your guidebook and binoculars along as well.

We highly recommend that on the way home you take a refreshing swim in the cool clear water of a cenote. There are several that are easily accessible along the Tulum / Coba road. Admission to the site 70 pesos or $4.00 per person.  

Travel just a little farther north to the small farming community of Punta Laguna, located on the highway between Coba and Nuevo Xcan. Punta Laguna shares its forest enclave with the endangered spider monkey. Visitors can participate in a Maya ceremony, follow a jungle trail, canoe, zip line, spot the monkeys swinging from treetops overhead, swim in the lagoon and even see traditional farming methods and plots. The area surrounding Punta Laguna includes a large inland lake and ecological reserve, which is famous for its abundance of exotic birds, howler and spider monkeys. Entrance fee applies.

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