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One of the most heavily visited attractions, these cliff-top ruins create a dramatic vision, keeping quiet watch over the white sandy beaches and the blue Caribbean Sea below.

The name "Tulum" comes from the Yucatecan word for a fence and was given to the site in recent times because of the wall surrounding it. It is likely that the city's original name was "Zama" or "Place of the Dawn." This is an ideal name for the city, as sunrise in the eastern horizon over the ancient city is an unforgettable vision. Tulum is the only walled city the Maya ever built on the Caribbean coast. Unique among other Mayan cities, Tulum was still a thriving trading community when first visited by the Spanish. Spanish sailors were very impressed with Tulum and reported it to be as big as Seville.

The Tulum Ruins are located 15 miles south of Akumal and are open every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for 70 pesos per person or about $4.00. After 5:00 PM to dusk one may visit the site for a higher fee, around $13.00 giving the luxury of no crowds. Knowledgeable bilingual guides are available near the entrance to the ruins. The view of the beaches of Tulum is spectacular! Sandy beaches, surf and an eclectic mix of people make them great for playing in the waves.

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