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27 Oct 2019
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So much more than art! All around Akumal you can feel the excitement as the Akumal Arts Festival prepares to kick off on November 8. 

120 artists from across the globe, 100 workshops for local communities and schools. The Akumal Arts Festival is on a mission to enrich and beautify the Akumal community. 

If you are in the US, take advantage of the holiday weekend and come join the community for this special and transformative event! (email us, we can help with your last minute arrangements)

Everyone is welcome! There will be activities for all ages including live music, dance performance, guided art walks, exhibit booths, art for sale, workshops for adults and children, great food and drink and best of all a few days to enjoy the rich natural beauty and vibrant culture of this very special community.

More info and a list of artists HERE.