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10 Sep 2021
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Sunburns, boo-boo’s, or a small bout of Moctezuma’s curse can sometimes happen, and when they do it's reassuring to have a doctor nearby.

Of course, while no one wants to plan on seeing a doctor while on vacation it’s good to know where to go in Akumal to receive medical care. Akumal Medical Center has been taking care of and patching up visitors for over 10 years. The clinic even has an on-site pharmacy that does deliveries too.

Whether it’s overexposure to the sun, tummy troubles, or a more serious ailment Dr. Nestor and Dr. Arturo Maceda, M.D. are the two lead physicians at the clinic who'll see you. Both doctors speak English and are also readily available for house calls when needed. Most importantly they can also perform the Rapid Antigen tests required to return to the US.

The Akumal Medical Center is located in the  Pueblo on the main Avenue, Gonzalo Guerrero. If you’re driving from the beach just drive over the bridge and you’ll find it 3 blocks past the turtle sculpture. Contact us for further details and information about COVID updates or other vacation needs during your visit.