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24 Feb 2021
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Known for its stunning beaches this sleepy beachtown also has some of the best dining options on the coast. Have a look at the most popular restaurants in Akumal and where to find them. 

Jungle Fish Restaurant and Beachclub, Jade Bay

Lol Ha Snack Bar and Restaurant, Akumal Bay

La Cueva del Pescador in Plaza Ukana, Downtown Akumal

Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria in Plaza Ukana, Downtown Akumal

Turtle Bay Cafe and Bakery in Plaza Ukana, Downton Akumal

La Buena Vida Beachfront Restaurant, Half Moon Bay

La Lunita, Half Moon Bay

Let us know which one of these eateries in Akumal is your favorite or if you and your group need details to organize an event on your upcoming trip. Our local experts are always glad to help.