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15 Aug 2023
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Explore Rivera Maya

Here are the must-visit beaches in Riviera Maya and exquisite vacation rentals that provide everything you need for an unforgettable getaway from October to January. Your group can focus on making memories, while Akumal Direct's guest services will help you plan the family holiday you most want.

Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras boasts a picture-perfect coastline that caters to various interests. Whether you're into snorkeling, kayaking, or simply basking in the sun, this beach has it all. Puerto Aventuras Beach Club offers stunning ocean views with a full-service restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lively restaurants and shops surround the marina, and the Puerto Aventuras golf club welcomes guests staying in Riviera Maya. 

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is ideal for guests who want the local experience within walking distance of all the best places in Akumal, minus the crowds. This hidden gem offers clear turquoise waters teeming with marine life, making it a haven for snorkelers and nature enthusiasts. Your group can create cherished memories just steps from the shoreline. Unwind on the terrace, take in the panoramic views, and have our concierge arrange your every need.

Jade Bay

Jade Bay is a serene paradise that offers a mix of relaxation and adventure. Jade Bay offers a private, intimate setting with soft sandy beaches and a rocky shore offering a dramatic view from your beachfront villa. The Jungle Fish Beach Club is open during the day from brunch to happy, and Akumal Bay is only a 15 to 20-minute walk from Akumal Bay.

South Akumal

This gated community's gorgeous coastline is a haven for sea turtles, making it a must-visit spot for marine enthusiasts. Snorkel alongside these gentle creatures and explore the vibrant underwater world. Retreat to your private villa after a day of adventure and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. Guests staying will find themselves close enough to walk along the shore to Akumal Bay in about 25 minutes or drive into town in under 5 minutes.

Aventuras Akumal

Aventuras Akumal presents a wide stunning beach with soft sand perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The surrounding area offers opportunities for day-tripping across Riviera Maya to magical places like Coba, Valladolid, or Chichen Itza. Located across from the Tulum Country Club, Aventuras Akumal is a 5-minute drive to Tulum. Guests staying can enjoy burgers, tacos, and drinks at the Beached Bikini Snack Bar during the day.

Soliman Bay

Soliman Bay is a serene paradise that offers exclusivity and tranquility. This beach holds some of the most stunning luxury villas, so only guests with a reservation are allowed access! It's a fantastic destination for relaxation and adventure, with its calm waters and lush tropical surroundings. Soliman Bay is the place to escape off the grid but with housekeeping, chefs, and the internet. Pandano restaurant offers exquisite meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Riviera Maya's best beaches offer a range of experiences that cater to all preferences, from Puerto Aventuras to Soliman Bay. Your friends and family can focus on enjoying quality time together with housekeeping, caretakers, and a dedicated concierge to take care of everything else. Contact us for more details on how to make the most of your vacation, from planning transportation from the airport to the villa to arranging grocery deliveries and guided tours.