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27 May 2022
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In early May of 2022, a wildfire began to threaten the small community of Uxuxubi. Here's how you can help those impacted by the fires. 

About Uxuxubi

Uxuxubi is a small farm town mostly populated by Maya farmers that grow and sell their crops along the coast. There's a small nature reserve that is also a sanctuary where local wildlife lives cage-free in its natural habitat. There are also small eco-parks where guests can hike, zip-line, and enjoy other recreational activities.

About The Fires

In early May of 2022, several wildfires have been threatening the livelihood of Uxuxubi's resident farmers. The local fire brigade and volunteers have been doing their best to keep the fire at bay. The current drought and high winds have made it difficult to contain the fire and so volunteers working alongside CONAFOR to protect local residents and their farmlands. 

How To Help 

Those looking to help the volunteer firemen can donate directly to the Uxuxbi delegation. This money will help provide meals and equipment for volunteer firemen and drinking water and food for those impacted by the fire. 

Bank Donations
Delegacion Uxuxubi A.C.

Bank: Bancomer
Account: 0160242993
Clabe: 012690001602429936

Water Jug Donations

Water jugs are an extremely valuable commodity for Uxuxubi residents. Donations in form of water jugs can be dropped off at Casa Dos Palmas caretaker's home before 5 PM. 

Want To Do More?

Contact our local team for more information on how to help.