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21 Jun 2022
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The world's most frequently used vacation rental platforms may seem identical at first glance but there are important differences travelers should know before booking any accommodation. Especially, when traveling abroad and this includes Akumal. 

An Origin Story

Long before the internet came along, travel agents would find reliable vacation rentals for their clients via professional and vetted sources. This process allowed agents to ensure their clients' vacation would be a success. As technology and e-commerce progressed, homeowners and property managers were able to showcase their properties to a much larger audience online.

Some of the most popular vacation rental websites in Akumal such as LocoGringo and Akumal Direct were launched in 1995. These companies work hand-in-hand with property owners, managers, local businesses, and guests to ensure satisfaction for all parties to help establish a service standard along Riviera Maya. In addition to helping travelers find great vacation rentals, these websites provide guests with valuable information about their destination and support before, during, and, after their stay.

Also in 1996, Vacation Rentals by Owner or VRBO was founded in the U.S. The online marketplace was later acquired by HomeAway and then again by Expedia Group which has been public since 1999. In 2007, two broke friends looking to raise money to make their rent in San Francisco decided to rent out air mattresses in their apartment. They called their service “Air Bed and Breakfast" which went public in 2020.

Where Vacation Rentals In Akumal Stand Today

In 2022, the travel industry made a huge comeback and has been busier than in pre-pandemic times given the pent-up demand caused by COVID restrictions worldwide. As the larger international platforms gained more traction worldwide it seemed to have an extreme advantage over smaller websites for a moment. Claiming there was no "middle-man" made companies like Vrbo and Airbnb seem like a more logical choice financially. That said, homeowners and guests are returning to Riviera Maya via locally owned and operated companies to find the vacation rental experience they most want.

Why The Industry Is Turning Back To Smaller Websites 

By choosing to work with renowned vacation rental companies in Riviera Maya like Akumal Direct and LocoGringo, guests have additional and personalized support during their stay. Traveling across international borders can be a hectic experience without a guide. International rules and regulations, currency, language barriers, and vacation expectations are all variables that can make or break a great vacation. 

Why Guests Prefer Akumal Direct

Booking a vacation rental with a local company ensures property descriptions are current and not just a homeowner's personal opinion about their property. Local representatives are constantly visiting sites and making sure conditions are up to standards for guests. A local team is also available to help you plan and troubleshoot activities during your stay.  Plus, there are no extra fees in addition to rates posted on each listing. 

Why Owners Prefer Akumal Direct

Homeowners have also learned that whether it's to the big conglomerate or small agency, commissions are paid just the same. However, working with a local vacation rental company provides owners with additional resources to satisfy their guests' expectations during their stay. Longstanding vacation rental companies also help with property management and administrative and back-office action items that constantly need to be addressed. It also doesn't hurt, that because no one company has exclusivity or owns any properties vacation rental sites can also list on other platforms as a service to owners. 

Additional Information 

If you're looking for more details about where to book or list your vacation rental in Riviera Maya feel free to contact us and we'll gladly help you find the information you most want. 

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