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14 Jun 2022
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Hotel, Airbnb, or Vacation Rental?

In today’s modern era there have never been so many options for people to discover the world through travel. Travel websites allow consumers to book their own accommodations with a touch of a button online but may not always live up to one's expectations. Knowing the difference between the most popular lodging types is key to ensuring the vacation experience one wants is waiting for them. Especially, when traveling to Akumal. 

Hotels And Resorts

The most common travel accommodations, hotels, and resorts are a one-stop solution allowing tourists to visit popular destinations. Hotels provide tourists with an easy and convenient way to travel providing patrons with a variety of services. Tourists can expect daily housekeeping and use of large common areas, spas, restaurants, and other facilities available onsite. All-Inclusive resorts also provide a “wallet-free” experience during their stay including buffets, meals, and organized recreational activities within the compound. 

Home-Sharing Sites 

In the beginning, home-sharing sites started with a unique approach toward lodging offering someone’s home as a place to stay instead of a hotel. Companies such as Airbnb and Vrbo do not own properties but act as an intermediary between those who want to rent out space and those who are looking for space to rent. Over the years, the platform has become a common ground for individual homeowners and property managers to list the vacation rentals online. Though it was once thought to be a “cheaper” way to book travel, today users can expect additional service and cleaning fees among other extra charges and taxes. 

Vacation Rental 

More than a place to stay, vacation rentals allow guests to feel at home and have a more private experience while traveling. Vacation Rentals offer the luxury of staying on private beachfront property without crowded lobbies or having to do your own housekeeping while on vacation.  Be it a beach studio or a majestic oceanfront hacienda, vacation rentals allow guests to customize their trip as much as they want. Most importantly guests staying at professionally run vacation rentals have the support of a full staff and local team to ensure guests enjoy their stay. 

Finding The Right Place For You

It’s important to find the vacation rental you most want and fully understand the ins and outs of each property before booking. Contact us for more information and details about your upcoming trip to Akumal or booking the vacation rental you want in Akumal.

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