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28 Apr 2022
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Local Tips

Akumal is certainly one of the preferred towns visitors love to explore when vacationing in Riviera Maya. This small beachside villa has slowly grown to become a destination that welcomes travelers from all over the world. A great attraction in Akumal aside from its resident sea turtles is that this small community allows locals to run and operate their businesses for a more authentic Mexican experience.

Frozen Monkey

Just outside the entrance to Akumal Bay and the Akumal Dive Shop, there’s a new shop with sweet treats to cool off while in the tropics. Frozen Monkey has a wide variety of delicious goodies including soft serve ice cream, fruit frappes, matcha, frappuccino, and seasonal drinks. Plus, their prices are so accessible it’s hard to resist going back for seconds.  

Postres Akumal

Another sweet escape in Akumal is Postres Akumal, located in the pueblo these master bakers make beautiful cakes and desserts to celebrate just about any occasion. Take a dive into their Facebook page for a peek of their creative abilities and you can place your orders online.

Yoga Shreem Akumal

Whether you’re looking for an intense yoga session or a relaxing meditation, Shreem Yoga Akumal welcomes practitioners of every level. Located at the arch above the reception to Las Casitas, Vanessa & Johanne offer classes from Mon. - Fri. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram as @yogashreemakumal or contact them via WhatsApp at +52-984-120-1470.


How can shopping get any better? How about shopping with a gorgeous view of Half Moon Bay? Citlali’s store has a carefully curated collection of handmade Mexican souvenirs and artwork. Featuring textiles from Oaxaca, earthware from Puebla, and hand-painted hats, this is the place to find beautiful gifts to remind you of your visit to Mexico. 

Hare Krishna 

There’s a new day spa on Half Moon Bay to ramp up your rest and relaxation levels while on vacation. Hare Krishna Spa is located right next to half Moon Bay Condos and Lol Ka’Naab condos. They provide patrons with massage and holistic therapies, as well as manicures, pedicures, and even waxing, in case you didn’t make to your beauty salon before heading to Akumal. Contact them via phone or WhatsApp at +52-984-157-0409.

Money Exchange

Akumal finally has a money exchange shop in town! Located next to Imelds’s across from the farmer’s market by the arch. As of spring 2022 you can change your dollars into pesos without having to drive all over Riviera Maya. 

Get Directions

Need more details about where to find the best spots in Akumal? Contact our team and we’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction or help you find the vacation rental you most want in Akumal.