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14 Oct 2021
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Local Tips

When in Akumal do as the locals do and tip!

Regardless of your personal POV about tipping in your home country, the fact is that Mexico has a day-to-day economy and a server's true income is based on their tips. 

How much to tip house staff at my vacation rental?

Your vacation rental is maintained thanks to a staff of housekeepers, gardeners, caretakers, and sometimes even security guards. The suggested amounts are at around $3 to $5 per day per person depending on the number of services provided for you, and the number of guests in your group. The total of your tips should be around 8% of your rent. Of course, this is in proportion to the number of guests and effort keeping up after your party requires. If you have a full house and the staff is constantly on the move, make sure to be a little more generous.

How much do I tip food servers at restaurants and bars?

Whether you're at a restaurant or hire a personal chef at home, 15% to 20% is the standard minimum but you may adjust that to your satisfaction. You are always to tip more than 20% if you’re in love with the service and should the service not be to your liking a mere 10% will suffice. These tips are also shared among kitchen staff so your tips don’t just help the one server but multiple families at a time. Food servers and bartenders in Mexico work hard to bring you your meals and drinks in a timely fashion. Often, this involves translating menu options while running around busy kitchens trying to satisfy tourists from all over the world. 

Do I need to tip tour guides and drivers? 

Definitely, as beautiful as Mexico is, its economy is not as affluent as the US and other developed countries. Workers in the tourism industry here are subject to some of the lowest salaries. A $3 minimum or $2 per person for groups larger than 2 will do after all they are making sure you get to your destination and enjoy your trip. 

Do I tip in pesos or dollars? 

You should pay in MXN pesos if at all possible. As valuable as your dollars are, workers cannot pay with dollars in most venues or will come up short-changed with the exchange rate. Using ATMs with the RED logo will allow you to withdraw pesos from your US account at a good rate. 

When do I tip the staff at my vacation rental?

You can pay daily at a rental property, or at the end of your stay. Just make sure you don’t forget to tip them before you leave. The staff is more than happy to help you have a wonderful stay but also keep in mind your tips are also their livelihood. 

If you need further details about your upcoming trip to Akumal contact us and we’ll gladly show the way.