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14 Jan 2022
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Nobody wants to plan for it but here’s what to do in case your flight gets delayed on the way to your vacation rental.

In Case Your Flight Is Delayed

Don’t panic, your vacation rental ain’t going anywhere. As soon as you know you’ll be late contact your travel company and let them know you’ll be arriving late. This will give them time to make any necessary arrangements to ensure you get to your vacation rental. You’ll also want to notify any means of transportation you may have booked so that they too can be ready when you arrive. 

Do This Before Your Trip 

Confirm that your travel company has sent you contact information, directions, and instructions to get to your vacation rental. You’ll also want to have the contact info of your car rental or ground transportation before you leave home. Save them to your phone, download them and print them. You never know if your carrier or data plan will suffice abroad.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a hard copy in case your device runs out of juice or your cell service is not available. 

Late Arrivals For Akumal Direct Guest

If you booked a vacation rental or transportation service and your flight is delayed contact guest services here.