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3 Jun 2021
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Local Tips

The entry of animal, vegetable, aquaculture, and fish products allows the introduction of foreign pests and diseases inexistent in Mexico so just like any port of entry, there are foods and consumable products that are not allowed into the country. Upon landing or a few minutes prior to touchdown, most airline crews will remind you to leave behind any fruits, vegetable, and meat by-products to avoid any inconvenience upon entering. 

Once you've collected your baggage you will be crossing a customs filter before exiting the airport. Should you have any leftover beef jerky or oranges you brought with you on the flight be sure to leave them on the airplane to avoid an uncomfortable situation with Mexican Customs. Rest assured, there's plenty of fruits and snacks in Mexico too. You can even have Riviera Maya Groceries stock your pantry before arrival to ensure there's food waiting for you at your vacation rental. 

Be sure to contact the Akumal Direct Network for more information and details about traveling to Mexico