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6 May 2021
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Akumal has become one of the most sought-after destinations in Riviera Maya for friends and families. Thanks to its tropical landscapes, accessibility to the most popular archeological sites, nature parks, and budget-friendly beach rentals this small beach town offers visitors a unique experience. That said, travelers researching their upcoming vacation ask Akumal Direct most often is “what are the differences among each of Akumal’s bays?” so we’ve created a concise description of each of Akumal’s 5 bays from North to South and what to expect upon arrival. 

Half Moon Bay, North Akumal

The northernmost bay in Akumal, Half Moon Bay offers guests the opportunity to have a taste of the Caribbean lifestyle. Only accessible via the main entrance to Akumal, HMB is conveniently located between Yal-Ku Lagoon, then Akumal Bay, and all the great eateries, stores, and dive shops in town. Featuring white sands and turquoise waters this is one of the best beaches to enjoy some of the most spectacular snorkeling off the Meso-American reef. There will be coral rocks upon entry so the more soft-footed swimmers are advised to bring water shoes. 

Akumal Bay

The OG as far as soft sandy beaches lined with coconut trees and amazing sunsets, Akumal Bay is where the craze for this destination began. Akumal Bay is one of the favorite feeding grounds for migrating sea turtles and home to more than 50 resident sea turtles and a protected marine zone. Hence the monitored accessibility for day-trippers visiting and the $100 MXN pesos fee which provides use of the public restrooms and lockers during their stay. Luckily, patrons dining at Lol-Ha beachfront restaurant, clients of Budha Garden Spa, and both the Akumal Dive Center and Akumal Dive Shop can also access Akumal Bay’s powder-soft beach. 

Jade Bay

Just south of Akumal Bay this beach is part of a gated residential community featuring some of the most gorgeous vacation homes in the area. Guests renting any of the amazing vacation homes in here can look forward to a mix of sandy beaches and small rock tidepools too. The Jungle Fish Beach Club features freshly caught fish on its menu, an oceanfront swimming pool, and even a rooftop for amazing views of the sun setting over the mangroves. Akumal Bay can be reached by foot within a 20-minute walk but be sure to bring sturdy footwear as there are rough spots to traipse over its northern point.

South Akumal

Perhaps the most exclusive of all of Akumal’s bays, South Akumal lies between Jade Bay and Aventuras Akumal. This bay is residential only so guests can look forward to the least traffic on its beaches. Great for snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding the villas in South Akumal offer the most remote getaway in the zone but only a 10-minute car drive or less away from Akumal. That said, should you not want to rent a car to go into town or walk to its neighboring beaches for dining, private chefs and grocery delivery services are available too. 

Aventuras Akumal

The southernmost of all 5 bays, Aventuras Akumal features long stretches of powder-soft wide sandy beaches and so it’s no surprise this is the beach sea turtles prefer to lay their eggs. Guests can enjoy a quick bite at Bikini Snack Bar or purchase day passes during the day but if you’re looking forward to enjoying the many great eateries, dive shops, and stores in Akumal you will definitely want to rent a car to move around the area. 

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