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29 Jun 2021
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Where to Stay

In this era of automated vacation rentals, families and well-versed travelers are turning to companies like Locogringo and Akumal Direct Reservation when visiting Riviera Maya. Thanks to today’s technology travelers can book their hotel or vacation rental with a touch of a button. The world certainly has gotten a lot smaller but working with large worldwide conglomerates has created a lack of direct contact with property owners and management. Luckily, the small companies that paved the way for easy vacation rentals are here for you and are more valuable than ever. 

Support Local Businesses

By choosing smaller vacation rental companies travelers are directly supporting local businesses. Local rental companies are an integral part of the community where they work. Their team members are also active community members that live in the area year round so you can rest assured their recommendations are current and verified. 

Direct Contact

Local vacation rental companies are in direct contact with the property owners and the management as well. They personally know the people who own and operate each vacation rental and will routinely visit each property to ensure their condition. This also means that in case you have a special request or any issues during your stay it will be addressed promptly. Companies like LocoGringo or Akumal Direct will provide you with a direct line of communication during your stay so you’re not alone away from. 

No Service Fees 

Travelers can skip costly service fees as there is no middle-man when booking a vacation rental directly with these local vacation rental companies. Yes, you might see the exact same property on larger booking engines but when it’s time to pay the bill you’ll find additional items such as cleaning and service fees. 

Ready to travel to Riviera Maya with the local experts? Contact Akumal Direct and we’ll help you get the vacation you most want.