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Located just a quick drive south of Akumal, in Tao Beach Club on Jade Bay you can find the newest addition to Akumal’s gastronomic scene.

Food, service and ambience are excellent, well worth a visit!


Here in the Riviera Maya, Summer and Fall are harvest time for the exotic native Mexican Pitahaya also known as Dragon Fruit! 

Inland, south of Tulum this bat pollinated, night blooming cactus is farmed by the local Maya community of Chunpom and distributed...

Communities inhabited by the modern Maya of today, strive to preserve their ancient traditions and customs. They also wish to share their living culture with visitors to the Riviera Maya and the great state of Quintana Roo. We are delighted to recommend a visit to our good friend Maria Benita Dzib and her father, Victor’s house. They are residents in SAN JUAN DE DIOS pueblo located 9 km south of the archaeological zone of Coba.

paddle board fun

There are a million ways to enjoy the Riviera Maya in the summer - Our favorite time of year in the Riviera Maya! Few People! Low Prices! The ocean is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Below are just a few ideas that...

Happy Smiles Program
Healthy Smiles educates the Maya community schools on the importance of oral care. Please HELP US COLLECT TOOTHBRUSHES and TOOTHPASTE FOR CHILDREN OF MAYA COMMUNITIES

Whilst on a recent visit to a small Maya community near Coba, we met Antonio Ramos Pérez the founder...