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3 Jun 2021
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Explore Rivera Maya

Akumal Has More Than Beautiful Beaches

Choosing a vacation to Riviera Maya offers travelers a gamut of options to enjoy their visit to Mexico. Guests staying in Akumal have the unique opportunity to discover the wonders that surround them within a short drive making daytime excursions much easier for everyone. Instead of leaving at dawn and returning home after dark adventurers can plan their daytime activities and still make it back for sundown. Akumal Direct Reservation has compiled a Top 10 List of Non-Beachfront Activities to do in Akumal.

1. Chichen Itza

The awe-inspiring Maya city of Chichen Itza offers the best example of Puuc style architecture (a Maya style influenced by the Toltecs). Open every day from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, entrance guides available. Admission, $4.00 or 70 pesos per person.

2. Cenotes and Caves 

These freshwater sanctuaries are some of the Yucatan Peninsula's most unique features. They are mysterious and beautiful, not to mention a great place to cool off. For this reason, snorkeling through a cenote and cavern is on our list of things not to miss while visiting the Riviera Maya.

3. Coba

You can hire a tricycle to peddle you through the site for 200 pesos or $12.00 plus tip, rent a bike or hike the groomed trails. Coba is also an excellent site for bird watching so remember to bring your guidebook and binoculars along as well.Coba is the largest archaeological zone in the Yucatan, nine square miles, much of which lies covered by green jungle.

4. Aktun Chen

This family-friendly, excitement-filled tour includes everything from cenote snorkeling to discovering the secrets of the Aktun Chen cave; from adrenaline-pumping zip line rides to a wildlife zoo spread over 3 hectares of Yucatan Jungle. They even offer a complimentary lunch – a much-appreciated touch after hours of exhilarating outdoor activities. Discover the secrets of the Aktun Chen cave; from adrenaline-pumping zip line rides to a wildlife zoo spread over 3 hectares of Yucatan Jungle. They even offer a complimentary lunch.

5. Akumal Monkey Sanctuary

The Sanctuary has a professional and very service-oriented staff that works hard to provide an excellent home to all of their rescued animals. Pay a little extra and tour the cenote as well! The Monkey Sanctuary is worth the drive, down the jungle road about 25 minutes. Open daily 9 - 5. Contact our Concierge for Tours and Admission Prices.

6. Tulum

The Tulum Ruins are located 15 miles south of Akumal and are open every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for 70 pesos per person or about $4.00. After 5:00 PM until dusk one may visit the site for a higher fee, around $13.00 giving the luxury of no crowds. Knowledgeable bilingual guides are available near the entrance to the ruins.

7. Valladolid

Valladolid, located approximately halfway between Riviera Maya cities and the capital city of Merida, is a colonial Yucatan city packed with historical, natural and cultural treasures. With a picturesque historical center, impressive cathedrals, and a lively zocalo, it is definitely worth a stop to absorb the culture and colonial atmosphere.

8. Xcaret Park

This family-sized theme park features underground rivers for swimming, more than 50 attractions, and even a buffet to enjoy during your visit.

9. Puerto Aventuras Marina

Puerto Aventuras Marina is a great place to spend time with friends and family. If you arrive at the right time, you can even watch a dolphin show from the walking path!

10. Playa Del Carmen's Planetarium SAYAB

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 AM to 19:00 PM, Playa Del Carmen's planetarium is bursting with information and technology to better understand our planet and the universe. Great fun with lots of interactive activities for kids and adults of all ages. 

Contact the Akumal Direct Network for more details about activities, vacation rentals, and travel information to Riviera Maya.