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11 Nov 2021
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Local Tips

While your vacation countdown ticks away Akumal Direct wants to share with you 5 tips on how to streamline your trip to Riviera Maya. Taking a moment to plan ahead beyond your packing list will help you enjoy the most of your time in Paradise. If you're traveling during the holidays you'll definitely want to make sure you err on overplanning to ensure you get to do everything you're looking forward to while on vacation.

1. Get Pesos

All Dive Shops, stores, and well-established restaurants in Akumal do accept credit cards and even if you're prepaid for all your activities you'll still need cash for tipping and grabbing a quick breakfast taco. Yes, the US dollar is pretty international but Mexican pesos are the official currency in Riviera Maya. There are ATMs at the airport before you exit. You can also stop in Playa del Carmen or use the one by the arch when you arrive at Akumal. 

2. Double check arrival instructions and property contact

Once your reservation has been confirmed, you'll receive an email with directions to your vacation rental, what time you can check-in, and when you'll have to check out. Guests staying at a hotel or condo should also have contact information to get in touch with the reception or property manager if needed. If you're staying in a villa feel free to ask the names of the house staff ahead of time, they'll appreciate the gesture when you greet them upon arrival. 

3. Secure transportation  

There's a variety of ways to get around Riviera Maya but figuring it out at the airport upon arrival is not the best way to do it. Take into account where in Akumal you'll be staying and what activities you're looking forward to during your stay before deciding if a shuttle, taxi, car rental, golf cart, bicycle, or foot is the way to go for you.  Our guest services will be more than happy to help you assess and book the best mode of transportation for you.

4. Plan and reserve activities

Believe it or not, the carefree Caribbean lifestyle takes planning. Despite being a small one-road town there are so many activities to do that you may not get to try them all in one trip. Especially if you have your heart set on a specific activity. It's easy to get distracted by the gorgeous view from your rental but if you're hoping to visit the Mayan ruins, adventure in nature parks, go SCUBA diving, have a special family dinner, hang out at a beach club or just spend a relaxing day at the spa you'll definitely want to book these ahead of time. During the winter and spring, Riviera Maya gets quite busy, and even though it may not look like it from your rental queues at venues can be terrible if you don't have a reservation. 

Our team is more than happy to help you navigate through Riviera Maya to make sure you have the vacation you most want. Contact guest services for information and details to plan and schedule your upcoming activities in Akumal.